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  1. Beef
    Organic Pasture raised - for sale at farm all year round.
    Ground Beef $7/lb - comes in approx. 1lb packages Beef Stew $8/lb - comes in approx. 1lb packages New!! Stir fry Beef $8/lb Beef Sausages $9.50/lb - sweet chili lime, Oktoberfest, maple breakfast Sirloin Steak$10/lb, t-bone steaks /porterhouse 15/lb, striploin $14.50/lb Roasts: inside round $8.25/lb, eye of round $9.50/lb,striploin $14.50/lb, prime rib $18/lb, chuck or Rump $7.50/lb, top sirloin $10/lb Organs: Kidney, liver, oxtail, tongue $3.75/lb Bones $2/lb Quantities vary and may be limited, prices subject to change.
  2. Pork
    Berkshire cross, pasture raised, rooting and foraging on grass...and snow.
    Loin Chops $7/lb Butt Chops $7/lb Pork sausages $9.50/lb variety of flavors (salt and pepper, maple breakfast) Pork Shoulder Roast or butt roast $7.25/lb - Perfect for PULLED PORK Smoked Pork Hocks $5.75/lb - Yummy in homemade PEA SOUP Smoked Ham /Ham steaks $7.50/lb Spare Ribs $7.25/lb Ground Pork $7.00/lb Bacon and peameal bacon $11.50/lb Bones and organs $3.75.lb ***Quantities limited. Prices subject to change without notice. ***
  3. Chicken
    Organic. Raised outside on pasture seasonally. 2017 season we are part of Artisnal Chicken Program. Raising 600 organic pastured chickens this season.
    Halves or Whole Organic grain fed, pastured, $6/lb, whole frozen, Quantities limited, available for purchase on farm. .
  4. Fresh Eggs
    Available for purchase on farm only. Pasture raised, Organic brown eggs.
    New 2018 Price $5.50 per dozen Farm Fresh, nest laid, free range organic First come first serve basis.

 Freezer Box Options

Get 10% off freezer orders of 15lbs or more.

Looking to stock up your freezer with some great local, pastured meats? We can make a custom freezer box at discounted rate  (10%) for any 15lb or more orders. Give us a call, email or message on facebook if you are interested or for any inquiries.

Note: options are while quantities last. Substitutions may be made if needed .

SPECIAL: $35 Freezer Box Sampler. You get: one pack of pork sausages, half a chicken, 1 lb ground beef, one pack of porkchops. All organic and
pasture raised. The best you
can get! 

Organic Turkey
Place your order for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018

"What food should taste like."