Roaming Valley Farms


Find US:
  • ​Trent Hills Home Delivery at
  • Northumberland REKO network * cobourg circle - search this name on facebook for all details
  • Cobourg Farmers Market - opening Day is May 4th
  • ​Warkworth Market at the Mews! May 24th 12pm to 3pm opening day~come see us!
  • Farm Gate - open 7 days a week come for a visit. Our garage store is set up with self serve system so please bring cash when you come. See you soon!
​Back in stock: beef stew, stir fry beef,Prime Rib roast, steaks, pork sausages, chops, butt roast, ribs and more!

Order Your Croc Pot Freezer Box today! Only $75 for lots of croc pot goodies:  pork butt or shaulder roast, whole chicken,a package of pork sausages, ground beef and ground pork. 


EGGS: available at the farm only.
Farm fresh, organic, free range, nest laid, pasture raised


Gift Certificates available for purchase. Buy your loved one the gift of great  food!   Note: Gift certificates have a one year expiry and are redeemable only by an employee at Roaming Valley Farms. Thank you!

About us

Transitioned to Organic Milk

Family Run Farm

Open all year round seven days a week. Our goal is to raise our animals as nature intended, outside and on fresh pasture. Where the chickens can peck and scratch and eat bugs, where the cows can roam and graze on fresh grass, where the pigs can run amuck and stay cool in their muddy wallow- happy as can be.
36 month land transition, 365 day cow transition, 1 trip to Wisconsin for a week long organic vet workshop, countless emails and phone exchanges with consultants, vets, sales people and the certifier...seeing our first load of certified organic milk leave the farm * priceless.
This particular load is on its way to Kawartha dairy where they process organic milk for the brand Elite
Roaming Valley Farms is a family run farm based out of Warkworth, ON. Father, son and daughter: David Glover, James Glover and Laura Easter own and run the more than 600 acre farm. 
Organic Dairy Farm
Featuring Pasture Raised Eggs, Beef, Chicken, Turkey and Pork

"cows know where the green grass grows"

Our hens are raised outside on fresh pasture. Eggs collected daily and are for sale at farm only. Available all year round. Farm fresh brown eggs with a golden yolk, you can't beat that!
Chicken  raised outside on pasture We are part of the ontario Artisnal Chicken program. For sale whole frozen or halves at farm and cobourg market. Organic grain fed. 
Pastured Beef
Our pigs are raised outside on pasture and/or wooded area with full access to a muddy wallow. We have raised pork for our own consumption for a  several years  now and raising our own wieners since 2015. Pork available at farm or farm markets.
Beef raised on organic pastureland. They get to roam and graze as they please. Beef is for sale at farm all year round and some farm markets during summer months. Availability of cuts and quanitites vary. 
"Animals raised the way they should"